Fitness 101
Learn to exercise the right way. Quickly learn and perform the foundations of fitness in these express sessions.
Group Training
Hard work enjoys company. Take your training to the next level by pushing your limits with a group of like-minded individuals.
Share your time with an instructor to help identify personal weakness and individualize goals.
Etch perfection into your body’s expression of daily movement. We take natural movements and demand efficiency to help you move faster and feel better. Our team of certified coaches is prepared to help you achieve your true potential.

Friday 8.23.2019

**12pm Canceled 8/19 – 8/23** Health Front / Back Squat 2/4 @ 55%-65% of 1RM Front Squat Rest as needed between sets. Conditioning 5 Rounds, for time: 6 Hanging Knee Raises 6 Hand-release Push-ups 6 Hanging Knee Raises 6 DB Push Press Time Cap: 15 min Performance Complex 6 sets: 1 Full Clean + 1 […]

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Thursday 8.22.2019

**12pm Canceled 8/19 – 8/23** Health and Performance Conditioning EMOM x 24 Min 1 – 10 x 30ft Shuttle Sprint Min 2 – 12 Lateral Hurdle Jumps 24/20 Min 3 – 8 Ring Pull-ups Min 4 – 8 Alternating Sledge Hammers or 24 Russian Twists

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Wednesday 8.21.2019

**12pm Canceled 8/19 – 8/23** Health Conditioning 8 min AMRAP: 60/45 Cal Row 240 Single Unders Plank Hold in remaining time. Rest 4 minutes 8 min AMRAP: 12 DB Snatch 300m Run Performance Conditioning 8 min AMRAP: 60/45 Cal Row 120 Double Unders AMRAP Handstand Hold in remaining time (Rx+ 30ft UB HS Walk) Rest […]

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