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Hard work enjoys company. Take your training to the next level by pushing your limits with a group of like-minded individuals.
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Monday 3.30.2020

At-Home For time: 200m Run 20 Burpees 400m Run 40 Sit-ups 800m Run 80 Air Squats 800m Run 40 Sit-ups 400m Run 20 Burpees 200m Run Health and Performance Pause Overhead Squat 6 x 3 (3-second pause in bottom, climbing) If no barbell, perform 3 single-arm tempo OHS (3-sec on the way down, no pause […]

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Friday 3.26.2020

At-Home 12 min AMRAP 50 Double Unders 35 V-ups 20 Pike Push-ups Sub jumping jacks if no rope available. Health EMOM x 36 0:00 – 14:00 20 Double/Single Unders 8 Alt DB/KB Snatch 15:00 – 26:00 8 Jump Squats 6 DB/KB Hang Clean and Press 27:00 – 35:00 3 Burpees 6 DB/KB Hang Cleans Performance […]

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Thursday 3.26.2020

Make-up / REST Day Conditioning Run 5k These are the times that we can really hammer down some weaknesses. It’s not glorious to get out and run 3 miles, but it also isn’t difficult. It’s just moving. Give yourself an opportunity to get better today and go outside. Especially if you missed yesterday’s workout. And […]

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