Fitness 101
Learn to exercise the right way. Quickly learn and perform the foundations of fitness in these express sessions.
Group Training
Hard work enjoys company. Take your training to the next level by pushing your limits with a group of like-minded individuals.
Share your time with an instructor to help identify personal weakness and individualize goals.
Etch perfection into your body’s expression of daily movement. We take natural movements and demand efficiency to help you move faster and feel better. Our team of certified coaches is prepared to help you achieve your true potential.

Monday 2.17.2020

Health Back Squat Wave 5 Rounds: 6 Back Squat (Medium) 3 Back Squat (Heavy) Conditioning 800m Run 24 KB Swings 24 Ring Rows 600m Run 16 KB Swings 16 Ring Rows 400m Run 8 KB Swings 8 Ring Rows Time cap: 20 min Performance Back Squat Wave 5 Rounds: 6 Back Squat (55%) 3 Back […]

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Friday 2.14.2020

Health and Performance Accessory 3 Rounds, not for time: 7 Tempo Seated Goodmornings + Choose 1: – 12 Ring Dips or Box Dips – 6 Low Ring Muscle-up transitions or Get-out-of-pools – 3 Ring Muscle-ups + 5 Strict Ring Dips Weightlifting/Midline 5 Rounds, not for time: 6 Sumo Deadlifts 10 Alternating Floor Press 12 Weighted […]

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Thursday 2.13.2020

Active Recovery / REST Day Conditioning 5 Rounds @ 70% effort: 750m Row 7 x 50ft Shuttle Run 75 Light Russian Twists 15/10# 7 x 50ft Shuttle Run

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